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Business Circle LatinX is a collective of business advisers and trainers with expertise in a variety of areas and industries vital to businesses. Business Circle LatinX is powered by Prosperity Lab.

Our Keystone Program, Restaurant Round Table  is geared towards the unique challenges and opportunities faced by Food service providers.

The group, meets monthly, to discuss policies affecting their industry, exchange ideas and receive training focused on the restaurant and food production industries. Restaurant Round Table is a program that offers Free and Confidential resources for your food service business or project:

  • Free Training both live and on demand
  • Free Resources for Legal advice
  • Free Technical Assistance

We can help you launch a food truck, restaurant, catering, food production or other food service business.

Our team works with you to offer marketing, capital strategies operations efficiencies, food handlers’ certification and an array of topics to support your business growth.

We invite you to book a consultation with our team so they can recommend the best webinars topics. And provide you with individual business advising.

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